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At three in the morning in pyjamas at the piano. The emotions in the heart, the thoughts in the head and the melody in the fingers. The first song by Kathi – and many more will follow. About stories and experiences, about friendship and cohesion, about lightness and strokes of fate. The seven artists know each other from their time together at the music academy. They all share a love of music. And they have all become friends through happy coincidences. Friends who love to play together, who have rhythm in their blood and who can let themselves fall into the music. Their different experiences and artistic ideas make each of their performances unique, improvisational parts give their playing its very own charm. You can literally feel their joy of making music together and that it is more than just a job for all of them. With their soulful songs they inspire the audience, move people – and never want to stop.

The Band


Katharina Koch is the youngest member of our band and still the boss of us all. We love her. We really do. When Kathi gets excited about something, she lights up and her enthusiasm spills over to all of us. On top of that, she is also a talented and soulful singer and composer who can make an audience laugh, think and cry.

Bachelor degree in Jazz Vocals, HMTM Hanover 2014-2018

Bundesjazzorchester 2018-2020


Sebastian Bauer has the most infectious laugh of all and is the great storyteller of our band. We have grown together over the years not only musically but also as friends and we appreciate his sensitive and witty manner. As a double bass player, he travels all over Germany and also plays in Felix’s nonet.

Bachelor degree in Jazz/Rock/Pop Double bass, HMTM Hanover until 2017

2019/2020 Germany tour as part of the Feuerwerk der Turnkunst show band


Our native Hamburger Tim Nicklaus loves bad word jokes and is something like our band dad at the same time. He leaves the job as lead singer to Kathi, but keeps the singing up in the shower. Besides his passion for jazz drums, he also likes to play hip-hop and drum’n’bass and writes for his explosive jazz trio TNT (Tim Nicklaus Trio).

Master degree in Jazz/Rock/Pop Drums, HMTM Hanover 2018-today

Member of the Parent’s Club since 2020


Erik Konertz is our Nordic cheerful nature including the dry humor that goes with it. As we buzz around him, Erik knows how to calm us. In addition to his organized and focused manner, he always likes to give a smile and spread pure joie de vivre. Musically, he is very versatile and is always looking for new ways to express himself, especially with his solo trombone project.

Bachelor degree in Jazz Trombone, HfK Bremen 2015-2019,
Master degree in Jazz Trombone, HfMT Hamburg 2019-today

Bundesjazzorchester 2018-2020


Felix Lopp loves listening to music, playing the piano and drinking lots of coffee. He does everything with a dedication that is second to none. When it comes to bad puns, Tim and Felix complement each other perfectly and always make us laugh. His great role models on the piano include Brad Mehldau and Tigran Hamasyan, whose influences he incorporates in his Felix Lopp nonet.

Bachelor degree in Jazz Piano, HMTM Hanover 2014-2020 

Master degree in Jazz Composition/Arrangement, Leipzig 2020-today


Niko Zeidler is our guarantor for a good mood, positive vibes and solos that become catchy tunes and accompany you the whole day. Accordingly, it never gets boring with him, even if you stay up all night talking about every imaginable topic. He can also be heard with his Berlin based bands Wanubalé and Make a Move.

Bachelor degree in Jazz Saxophone, Jazz Institute Berlin 2014-2019

Bundesjazzorchester 2018-2020


Anthony Williams plays trumpet in our band and is also a pianist, composer and arranger. He tirelessly organizes the Hagelslag D Room Sessions, a monthly live video session series in which he collaborates with various guest musicians as musical director. Everyone notices that he lives out his passion in music at the latest when Tony once again tells an Oscar Peterson anecdote or quotes a jazz lick on the instrument with a wink.

Bachelor degree in Jazz Piano, HMTM Hanover 2015-2020

Solo-Piano album: Release 2021

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